LAURASTAR...the industry leader in high performance, top quality ironing systems. During the last two decades LAURASTAR innovations have been in the forefront of a technological revolution in home pressing systems.

Experience, innovation, quality, style and design combine to bring you the very best home pressing system. Our promise to you is that we, at LAURASTAR, will continue to design and manufacture high quality, time saving pressing products for our valued customers.


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LAURASTAR commitment

LAURASTAR did not become the world leader by chance. It is due to the commitment of all our employees to the same spirit of performance, innovation and quality with a common final objective : to support the consumer by providing ironing solutions which integrate technical expertise, the knowledge of materials and the care and beauty of laundry.

LAURASTAR headquarters and production are accredited ISO 9001.

LAURASTAR is committed to the following:

  • Finding innovative solutions for your greater satisfaction.
  • Supplying proven high quality products.
  • Transparent communication.
  • Immediate response to our customers' requests.



  • Activities - The world's leader manufacturer and distributor of innovative top-of-the-range ironing systems.
  • Origin Swiss company founded in 1980
  • Jean Monney, Founder, CEO & Chairman
  • Dr. Nicolas Aubert, COO & CFO
  • Number of employees - Approx. 200
  • Branches - Switzerland, Germany, France, Belgium, the Netherlands
  • Export - 70% of turnover generated from export, of which 53% is from Europe
  • Export sales - more than 40 countries
  • Highlights - 2 million products sold worldwide
  • In Switzerland, 25% of households own a LAURASTAR product
  • Innovation - Inventor of LAURASTAR PROFESSIONAL IRONING™
  • Innovation - Inventor of the LAURASTAR iiTM - INTELLIGENT INNOVATIONS programm
  • Awards - Numerous design and technology awards


  • 1986 : Invention of integrated ironing system for domestic use
  • 1996 : Invention of ironing board with built-in vacuum/blower
  • 2005 : Invention of automatic ironing
  • 2008 : Launch of CLiiCK and LiiGHT technologies



  • Foundation of LAURASTAR, then called Divelit, with its main activity linked to fashion.


  • World launch of new integrated ironing system inspired by professional systems, suitable for domestic use: the LAURASTAR Premium. Birth of the LAURASTAR brand.


  • Opening of a branch in Germany, later to become a subsidiary in 1994.


  • Opening in Lugano - Bioggio (Switzerland) of the production centre for LAURASTAR irons and acquisition of technical patents.


  • Relocation to Châtel-Saint-Denis, Switzerland.
  • Opening of a branch in France.


  • New revolution in the field of ironing with the arrival of LAURASTAR Magic ; this was the first system in the world to have an ironing board with built-in vacuum and blower.


  • Opening of a branch in Belgium.


  • Opening of a subsidiary in Holland.


  • Extension of the range to generators with the launch of the LAURASTAR Steamax. This design of steam generator, created by a well-known design workshop, received three awards (International Forum Design, Chicago Good Design and Swiss Design Prize).


  • 1 millionth LAURASTAR sold worldwide.


  • Launch of LAURASTAR Steamup : the first fast heating steam generator in the LAURASTAR range to provide an extra powerful, constant supply of steam. Awarded two prizes for its design (Reddot and International Forum Design).
  • Launch of LAURASTAR Magic Evolution built-in system incorporating the latest LAURASTAR technological advances.Introducies for the first time for household users the latest innovation from professional systems: adjustable vacuum/blower.


  • Opening of a branch in the UK.
  • Launch of Magic Evolution II the advanced version of Magic Evolution featuring a new multi-directional soleplate.
  • Launch of Aqua the new water filter specifically designed for ironing systems.


  • New brand identity.
  • New product design, premium positioning, reflecting the LAURASTAR image.
  • Launch of seven new products in two ranges, replacing all existing products.
  • Three technological innovations, which are world firsts: automatic blower, automatic steam, and intuitive system for folding the ironing board with featured on the flagship products MAGIC i-S5 and STEAMUP i-G5.


  • Launch of CLiiCK: A slight movement of the wrist produces the steam automatically as the iron is pushed forwards and stops it immediately when the iron is halted or moved backwards.
  • Launch of LiiGHT: The combination of the slimmed-down soleplate and ultra light materials noticeably reduce the iron's weight while maintaining the efficiency of LAURASTAR's professional iron.

Why are LAURASTAR products so unique

High pressure steam

All LAURASTAR products have pressurised steam. This steam is diffused continuously with a pressure of 3.5 bar and its micro-fine texture does not dampen the material. This procedure guarantees excellent quality of ironing from beginning to end.

As it is heated twice, there is double the amount of extra strong steam coming out of the iron to penetrate deeply into fibres and eliminate instantly the most stubborn creases. This makes ironing incredibly quick and easy. Laundry rejuvenated in this way retains its perfect finish for a very long time.

Integrated ventilation

With a 16 VA ventilation system, LAURASTAR ironing boards have an integrated vacuum and blower system forpreventing creases and eliminating seam marks. It is controlled automatically on the model's MAGIC i-S6 and MAGIC i-S5. This unique process meets the demand for perfection and quality of the most meticulous users.

Almond-shaped soleplate

The rounded shape of the soleplate on the iron makes it possible to iron in any direction without creasing.

Any material, any garment

  • An additional SOFTPRESSING soleplate is supplied with all products.
  • This plate protects and reduces the iron surface temperature for ironing delicate materials (silk, angora, velvet, garments with appliques).
  • It prevents dark garments from becoming shiny and transfers from sticking to the iron.

In short...

  • Fast heating
  • Automatic vacuum/blower
  • Glides on a cushion of steam
  • Ergonomic iron and handle
  • Multi-directional soleplate
  • Contemporary design
  • Single control for all functions
  • Exclusive rinsing system
  • Automatic steam
  • Integrated filter
  • Intuitive opening/closing of ironing board
  • Integrated wheels