What is the ideal pressure for professional ironing?

All professionals iron using a pressure of 3.5 bars, ensuring that ironing speed is combined with care for the fibres of garments.

Why is it vital to maintain a constant steam pressure?

A constant steam pressure (without loss of power) ensures an identical flow of steam throughout ironing, thus making it easy to obtain a perfect result.

What is the unique LAURASTAR double volume steam?

Heated initially in the boiler, the steam is cooled and then reheated inside the iron. The dry steam this generates gives a lasting result with no trace of dampness.

What should I do if steam is escaping from the filler cap?
  • Check that the filler cap is screwed on tight and positioned properly.
  • Check the condition of the seal. If it is worn, it should be changed. For more information, contact the LAURASTAR customer care department.
What should I do if no or very little steam is generated by the iron?
  • Check that the thermostat is not set at Max, as the steam is invisible on this setting.
  • Check that the thermostat is not set at Min, as the steam is damper on this setting.
  • If the vent holes on the soleplate are blocked, use the soleplate cleaning tool.
  • Check that the boiler and the iron are ready for use.
  • Check that the steam regulator is not set at Min (only for STEAMAX G2 model).


What type of water should I use?
  • LAURASTAR irons are designed to work with tap water.
  • If you wish to use demineralised water, mix 1/4 tap water with 3/4 demineralised water.
  • Never use scented water, rainwater, distilled water, or water from a dehumidifier/tumble dryer.
How do I test the water to see if filtering granules are necessary?
  • View instructions here
How do I determine the hardness of the water?
  • Water hardness may be determined using a LAURASTAR measuring strip.
  • Immerse the entire measuring strip briefly into tap water and leave for 1 minute.
  • If two or more squares turn pink, use of the AQUA water filter is required.
  • Order AQUA filter.
Why is the iron leaking?

This is entirely normal when the iron starts to heat up, as the monotube is cold and condensation will form. Turn up the thermostat setting; if the setting is too low, the steam will be too damp. Rinse out the boiler with hot water.

Is it normal for water to move about inside the water reservoir?

Yes, it is normal.

The AQUA filters do not filter all the water - is this normal?

Yes; if all the water were filtered, it would be too pure.

What should I do if dirty water comes out of the iron?

Rinse out the boiler with hot water BEFORE using the iron, ensuring that the iron is cold, switched off, and not plugged into an electrical outlet.


How do I open a LAURASTAR ironing system?
  • Position the closed table vertically.
  • Grasp the handle of the storage box with one hand, whilst holding the board with the other.
  • Pivot the board and place it onto its feet.
How do I close a LAURASTAR ironing system?
  • Adjust the board to its highest position.
  • Grasp the handle of the storage box with one hand, whilst holding the board with the other.
  • Pivot the board.
  • For a visual demonstration, click here.
How should I maintain my LAURASTAR iron? (7 golden rules)
  1. Rinse out the boiler before using the iron for the first time, and then once a month or once every 10 ironing hours.
  2. Test the water hardness and depending on the test result, use the LAURASTAR AQUA filter.
  3. Use only LAURASTAR AQUA REFILL demineralisation granules, which are the ideal form of protection against limescale.
  4. Replace LAURASTAR AQUA REFILL demineralisation granules once they become completely brown.
  5. For reasons of hygiene, wash and replace your LAURASTAR ironing board cover regularly.
  6. Should your iron break down, follow exclusively the instructions contained in the directions for use.
  7. Should you require assistance, call the LAURASTAR customer care department
  8. Downloadable maintenance sheet here (PDF)
How can I avoid condensation forming under the ironing board cover?
  • Use the manual steam button in short bursts only or set the steam to auto.
  • Adjust the fan speed to 100% power to absorb any steam-related dampness.
  • Set the iron's thermostat to three dots.
  • Remove the ironing board cover after use and leave to dry before folding.
Is the ironing board cover washable?

Yes, the cover may be washed at 30°C but do not spin dry. For reasons of hygiene, LAURASTAR recommends that you replace the cover regularly.

Why does the SOFTPRESSING soleplate leave water spots on the fabric?

The soleplate is not yet hot enough. Ensure that the fabric in question is suitable for ironing with the SOFTPRESSING soleplate.

What should I do if the soleplate is dirty or stained?

Clean the soleplate with the POLYFER abrasive pad. Use the AQUA water filter. This will avoid brownish marks.

What should I do if the soleplate vent holes are blocked?

Use the cleaning tool designed for this purpose.

I own a LAURASTAR Magic Evolution ironing system and need a user's manual. How do I get one?

Follow this link to download a pdf file of the Magic Evolution ironing system User's Guide.

I own a LAURASTAR SteamMax steam generator iron and need a user's manual. How do I get one?

Answer is: Follow this link to download a pdf file of the SteamMax steam generator User's Guide.

Repair Request

Joya Distributing, Inc. is the official LAURASTAR Sales and Service Center for the United States and Canada. Together we are happy to fullfill all your service requests, but before contacting us we suggest you:

  • glance through the FAQ.
  • check the virtual demonstration
  • Then if you still need help, please contact us

LAURASTAR Experience

How LAURASTAR Makes My Life Easier! - Jennifer

With 5 people in my household, including 3 children, I sometimes have as much as 12 hours of ironing a week. Since discovering the blower and vacuum system of the LAURASTAR active table, Mrs Jennifer Marcipont-Duruisseaux (Arsimont, Belgium) has been able to save time, which she can now devote to her family.

Since buying a MAGIC i-S5 in December 2008, her first LAURASTAR purchase, she has been simply delighted.

"It's so simple; garments are ironed in one movement on a cushion of air. You simply run the iron over the garment once and the creases disappear ... it saves a vast amount of time when you are ironing for a whole family!"

Jennifer dreamed of having her own LAURASTAR iron. Last year, she took the plunge and bought herself one.

"If I had to change my appliance, I would buy a new LAURASTAR immediately!"

If, like Jennifer, you would like to save time on ironing, why not explore the world of LAURASTAR products and expert advice.

I Can Iron My Shirt in Just Two Minutes! - Alexandre

Or thereabouts!

Alexandre, a LAURASTAR devotee from Lausanne in Switzerland, confides to us that his LAURASTAR iron, purchased nearly 8 years ago now, has been a real help to him.

I can iron my shirt in just two and a half minutes!

"As I regularly come into contact with clients, I have to be immaculately turned out. I usually wear a shirt and often don't have enough time to go to the dry cleaners... The LAURASTAR system is ideal for busy people like me, because as well as being practical and efficient, it saves me precious time."

"Thanks to the blower function, I can iron quickly and without unwanted creases — it's incredibly simple!"

If like Alexandre, you would like to save time and iron your shirt in just 2 minutes, then don't waste another minute... go and watch the video which takes you step by step through the stages that will enable you to achieve this level of performance.

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