16.02.11 / New LAURASTAR Company Video

We've added a video section to the site where we'll be posting promotions, commercials, etc.

And...the first one is: "So Sweet Zerland" narrated by Roger Moore! Watch it here.



LAURASTAR is proud to be one of the emblematic Swiss brands and invites you to discover "So Sweet Zerland", the best-selling book by Xavier Casile dedicated not only to Swiss brands, but also to symbols, mythical places and the legendary characters associated with our country.

05.01.09 / LAURASTAR wins the Quality Award in Malaysia

LAURASTAR wins the Quality Award in Malaysia

We are proud to announce that in the context of the 2008 HOMEDEC exhibition that took place in Kuala Lumpur in November 2008, LAURASTAR has won the Quality Award with the ironing system MAGIC i-S5, featuring the new and exclusive CLiiCKTM technology.

Panel of Jury

Each submission was judged by an appointed panel of Juries comprising Architects, Interior Designers, Product Designers and Industry led-professionals.


Each product was judged according to the following criteria:-

  • Functionality - Usefulness and Practicality
  • Design - Innovation and Technology
  • Pricing - Price Competitiveness
  • Eco and Environmentally Friendly credentials
25.09.08 / FASHIONCOVER - Limited edition by Astrid Mueller

FASHIONCOVER - Limited edition by Astrid Mueller

"A woman's place is in the home... as long as her husband takes care of her and does the housework!" Astrid MÜLLER adds with a touch of humour. Because "ironing is not my favourite activity" she explains, "I wanted, through my design, to turn it into a pleasurable and entertaining task!"

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10.09.08 - CLiiCK and LiiGHT innovations

CLiiCK and LiiGHT innovations

LiiGHT - lightweight professional iron

Our customers' precious comments have led us to develop for you the first light-weight professional iron. The combination of the slimmed-down soleplate and ultra light materials noticeably reduce the iron's weight while maintaining the efficiency of LAURASTAR's professional iron. The unique advantages of LiiGHT technology are as follows:

  1. Less fatigue : Lifting an iron now requires less effort, thus limiting tiredness and offering you optimum comfort while you're ironing.
  2. Comfort of use : The iron practically slides along the garment by itself.
  3. Professional results : The quality of the ironing remains unequalled.

CLiiCK - intuitive automatic steam

A slight movement of the wrist produces the steam automatically as the iron is pushed forwards and stops it immediately when the iron is halted or moved back- wards: no more need to press a button to activate the steam. Combined with the active board, the blower engages automatically as soon as the iron is handled. The unique advantages of CLiiCK technology are as follows:

  1. Time saving : The combination of automatic steam and the active board reduces ironing times by half.
  2. Comfortable use : The right amount of steam comes out automatically and precisely.
  3. Less effort : The thumb now remains permanently on the ergonomic iron handle.
  4. Energy saving : Just the right amount of steam requires less steam production and energy.