How do I fill the water tank of my Laurastar?

1) If you own a Laurastar steam generator Laurastar Lift or Laurastar Lift +:
1. Lift the cover of the water tank
2. Keep the cover of the water tank open
3. Remove the water tank by pulling on its cover
4. Fill the tank with tap water


Then, to put back the water tank:
1. Lift the cover of the water tank.
2. Keep the cover open.
3. Push the water tank back into its place, with the cover open, then close the cover.



2) If you own a Laurastar ironing system Laurastar Go or Laurastar Go +:
1. Check that the plug is disconnected.
2. Set the board to its highest position.
3. Fill the refill bottle supplied with water. Equipped with an anti-overflow mechanism, it will stop filling up when the water tank is full (the capacity of the bottle is greater than that of the boiler).
4. Unscrew the refill cap and place the mouth of the bottle in the hole.
5 Briefly squeeze the bottle to start the water flowing.
6. When full, carefully screw the refill cap back on.



3) If you own a Laurastar ironing system (such as Laurastar S4a, Laurastar S5a, Laurastar S6a, Laurastar S7a or Laurastar Pulse):
Remove the water tank without switching off the ironing system, fill it with cold tap water up to the MAX level then put the water tank back in the boiler.

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